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Spring, Sunshine & Seafood Boils

The depths of our brutal north Florida winter are approaching the rearview mirror. Spring is right around the corner and I'm already singing its praises! What I love about spring in St. Augustine is that everything comes alive again. The temperatures rise, the grass gets greener and the days get longer. The beaches get busier. Spring break arrives—first for us locals, and then we get to welcome visitors from all over as they choose our amazing city and beaches for their vacation. Bring it…bring all of it! 😎

Spring in St. Augustine also welcomes countless events and festivals. In April you can find us at the St. Augustine Seafood Festival. We're also proud to be a sponsor and caterer for St. Augustine Sailing's Ladybug Race. These are both incredible events to check out!

As the weather is warming up, think of that perfect reason to celebrate and gather for a seafood boil. Sometimes the only reason you need is "good times, great food, and lasting memories!" We’d love to come cater for you, and all it takes is 10 people to book your boil! 

Or if you’re looking to experience our Signature Seafood Boil on your own, our “you steam” pots to-go are always a hit! Pick up a pot anytime and steam it right at home on your stovetop. 

While I'm excited to wave goodbye to winter, it was also an unforgettable season for us. We met so many new people and had amazing support all season long. On top of catering boils from 10 people up to 200, we had so many of you choosing our Best Pot To-Go for your special occasions. We’re stoked that families all around St. Augustine have created new dinner traditions on Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve, and Super Bowl Sunday! To every single one of our customers, THANK YOU! Your support means so much! 

Now, let’s dust off those tank tops and board shorts. Cheers to Spring!


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